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Personal Income Tax

How to Maximize Your Tax Return 

Sometimes preparing your personal tax return can leave you with confusion and frustration.

There are deadlines you need to meet: personal income tax returns, except for those of self-employed individuals, are normally due by April 30th, as is any amount owing.  

There are additional costs for being late: penalties and interest may be charged for late returns or late payments. 

There are lots of forms to keep an eye on: many people get confused with the different forms needed to be compiled when filing their taxes. 

Our Personal Tax Services


  • T4 - Employment Income
  • T4A - Other Income (e.g. pension, retirement, old age security) 
  • RC62 - Universal Child Care Benefits 
  • T4E - Statement of Employment Insurance 
  • T3 - Statement of Trust income 
  • T5 - Statement of Investment Income 
  • T776 - Rental Income 
  • T4RSP - Statement of RRSP Income 
  • Capital Gains 
  • Self employment income 
  • T5007 - WSIB Income or Social Assistance 
  • Other Income Slips 
  • Foreign Income 
  • Rental Income 


  • All child care expenses/camp fees
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) 
  • Union & professional dues 
  • T2200 - Employment Expenses 
  • Safety deposit box rental/Interest expense 
  • Public transit passes 
  • Home Buyer Plan - RRSP 
  • T2201- Disability Certificate 
  • Interest paid on Student loan 
  • T2002, TL11 - Tuition fees 
  • Medical Expenses 
  • Charitable donations 
  • Property taxes/rent paid    

Other Services

  • Tax audits: we will also assist with any tax audits that may arise. 
  • Back tax return filing: if you happened to miss filing your taxes in previous years we can take care of that for you 
  • Rental Properties: Whether you own one or more income properties, we have the knowledge on how to lower your taxable income. 
  • Death Taxes: There can be up to three different tax returns that can be filed on behalf of a deceased family member in order to lower their taxable income and save them money. Let us help you in your time of need. 
  • Trust Returns: Leave it to the professionals to help you file your family trust or an “estate ” trust return. 

Our experience and knowledge of tax laws will support you with all of your accounting and income tax preparation needs.  

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